Biosafety solutions (Covid-19)

Gain peace of mind with germicidal ultraviolet light disinfection.

Biosafety solutions that minimize the risk of infection by bacteria, fungi and viruses.
Achieve safe and contaminant-free spaces in any environment.

air purifier with hepa filter

Smart Filter

EXO Energy Smart Air Purifier

Filters up to 99.95% viruses and bacteria from environments thanks to its 8 stages of filtration including HEPA13 filter, activated carbon pellets, ultraviolet light and the proven benefits of ionisation.

Clean air free of pollutants, viruses and bacteria.

Sanitizer PAMPERO UV light emitter for ventilation ducts

Pampero Disinfectant

Ultraviolet light for ventilation systems

This disinfection unit allows the viral load to be lowered using the same ventilation and air-conditioning systems already installed.

Intelligent germicide LANIN emitting ultraviolet light

LANIN Intelligent Germicide

Ultraviolet light emissions per interval

It disinfects elevators, bathrooms, corridors, receptions, dining rooms, passenger transportation and any area that requires it.

It includes a safety mechanism that interrupts operation in the presence of people.

ANDES UV-165 Mobile germicidal unit with germicidal ultraviolet light

ANDES UV-165 and UV-200

Mobile germicidal ultraviolet light units

This mobile germicidal unit transforms environments into spaces free of bacteria, fungi and viruses.

It is only necessary to place it in the place you want to disinfect and put it to work for the required time, after a few minutes, you could reach disinfections of up to 99% in the irradiated area.

PAMPA germicidal chamber for object disinfection

Pampa germicidal chamber

Disinfection of incoming and outgoing objects

It has a double opening system to enter and remove objects from the front or from the back.

It includes a timer and safety control that interrupts the emission of ultraviolet rays if any of the doors are opened too early.

Cover all your biosecurity needs with access controls and remote management.

AUTO CLEANER Terminal Germicidal Module

Auto Cleaner

Germicidal module for terminals

Germicidal module based on UV radiation, designed for touch screens and intercoms.

Permanent disinfection of touch screens in self-service terminals.

PARANÁ DS-6 Mobile unit of olfactory sensoperception

Parana DS-6

Mobile olfactory sensory perception unit

This electronic system is developed to detect the user's sensory perception of smell.

Ideal for the entry of employees, third parties or customers in certain situations.

TX30 no-touch scanner with body temperature control

TX30 Face Scanner

No-touch scanner with temperature control

This no-touch terminal, conceived for the registration of personnel entry, makes a facial recognition of people and performs an automatic measurement of their body temperature.

Web-based appointment scheduling solution for online shift management

Web Appointment Booking

Manage shifts remotely

Web solution for online appointments that allows you to manage the flow of people attending branches, offices, shops and clinics, among others.

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