EXO no-touch TX30 terminal

EXO no-touchface scanner

TX30 Terminal

Facial recognition and long distance temperature measurement.

This no-touch terminal is designed to register the entry of personnel, makes a facial recognition of people and performs an automatic measurement of their body temperature. It integrates a robust face recognition system, detects the correct use of masks, and can be combined with multiple equipment in a corporate environment.

Its interfaces allow the opening of doors, turnstiles or activate other devices. Easily integrated into the corporate software platform.

Personnel attendance control with facial recognition with 98% effectiveness and body temperature recording in real time.

TX30 Face Scanner

The TX30 terminal is an excellent solution that improves and secures your daily work.

Infrared image with body temperature measurement.

Display of the temperature taken.

Normal body temperature alarm.
Face recognition by binocular camera.
Recognition of the correct use of face masks.
Face database.

Protection for all types of environments

Care management and body temperature monitoring in government agencies, businesses, schools and residences.

  • Industrial parks
  • Hotels
  • Transport terminals (land, air and maritime)
  • Government Headquarters (Government and Municipal Buildings)
  • Schools (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary and University)
  • Hospitals and Medical Centers

Anti-counterfeiting technology

  • Dual-camera anti-counterfeiting dynamics that completely solves photo cheating.
  • Dual infrared and RGB fill light for the
  • Infrared temperature measurement, recognition of mouthpieces. (optional)

Double installation option

  • Wall or stand mounting.


Download the technical specifications of the EXO TX30 Face Scanner.

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