Mobile olfactory sensory perception unit EXO PARANA-DS-6

EXO Olfactory Sensoperception Detector


Electronic system developed to detect the sensory perception capacity of the sense of smell.

Our mobile olfactory sensoperception unit is ideal to verify the sense of smell in all places where employees and even users or customers enter in certain situations.

It has different scents displayed randomly, the ability to perform over 1000 checks before a recharge, and a battery that allows it to run autonomously for an entire day.

The researchers observed that at least 61% of patients infected with covid-19 reported a decreased or loss of sense of smell within three days of having the disease.

Person drawing a scented card issued by the Paraná device.

Its operation is extremely simple and intuitive.

The user only has to follow the instructions presented in the LCD display.

At the time of the test, the user must insert an absorbent card into the scent dispensing chamber and press the "START" key, the Paraná DS-6 system will dispense a random scent and then the user must remove the card and identify the scent among the options displayed on the front of the equipment.

The equipment corroborates whether the user's choice is correct or incorrect by displaying the result on the screen, emitting a characteristic sound and lighting a red or green indicator light depending on the result.

After 3 seconds, the equipment is ready to test again.

Person sniffing a scented card issued by the Paraná device.

Ideal for access control in all types of institutions and organizations.

  • Hospitals and Clinics
  • Health and geriatric centres
  • Offices and points of attention to the public
  • Business, industry and commerce
  • Private neighborhoods and municipalities
  • Road and regional access controls

This type of technique is especially recommended as an additional method for the detection of Covid-19 symptoms, and it is also recommended to be complemented by body temperature control.

See the TX-30 EXO temperature scanner and facial recognition solution.

EXO PARANÁ DS-6 Olfactory Sensory Detection System EXO PARANÁ DS-6


Download the technical specifications of the Paraná DS-6 EXO Olfactory Sensing Detector.

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